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The Academy for International Business

is an international educational institution. It has extensive relations with countries in Europe, Central Asia and Asia. Projects with govern-ment organizations in these countries feature an important activity of the Academy.

For more than 25 years the Academy offers training courses for managers and experts from different sectors of the economy. The knowledge acquired in seminars and training sessions will be supplemented by company practice consultations.

The focus of the courses is the teaching of German management know-how. Excellent contacts of the Academy to German companies, corporate and business organizations as well as Government Organisations support the participants in the search for potential business partners.

Competence for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology we have integrated 40 courses for the „Manager Training Programme“. These courses ranged from one to several months duration. They are intended for executives from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Usbekistan. Other projects we have included on behalf of the European Community, the Asian development Bank and various foreign ministries and agencies.

Ukrainian participants after ceremony of handing over certificates        

Competence for Asia

For specialists from Asian countries we organise study tours on selected specific themes. The official governmental „China Association of International Exchange of Personnel“ (CAIEP) recommends our Academy to interested business circles of the People’s Republic of China as a competent partner for informative trips and professional seminars. The number of Chinese specialists who took advantage of training opportunities in our house far surpasses the ten-thousand mark.

Programmes and themes

The duration of the programmes is tailored to the particular needs and wishes of the participants. It is possible to customise the duration of the courses from one week to several months. Topics to choose from are for instance: How to do Business with Germany, Change- Management, Quality Management, Personnel Management, Management of SME’s, Agriculture, Logistics and Protection of environment. Courses are conducted in German, Russian or English. The successful attendance is certified with a certificate of the Academy.

Course for participants from Russia        

Participants from Turkmenistan visit an enterprise